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Ensuring capital projects are executed successfully


Project implementation is our core strength. Our people are drawn largely from contracting backgrounds therefore understand and appreciate how major capital projects are executed at a site level. This experience is complimented by deep knowledge across a range of industry sectors including civil infrastructure, property, manufacturing, energy and commodities.


We are adaptable in the delivery services we offer. We can provide short-term support on a flexible basis, through to deploying complete delivery teams to manage an overall project. We are geographically mobile and familiar with the complexities of project execution across different environments.

As necessary we adopt collaborative delivery structures such as partnering, joint ventures, consortiums and subcontracting models. Some of our project partners include the world’s largest infrastructure investment banks, project management firms, engineering and contracting companies.


We can take control of distressed projects or provide additional support through key phases, offering our client’s contingency should they require additional resources to meet their objectives.

Asia Civil has experience delivering projects through a range of contracting models including:

Project Management

Construction Management

Design & Construct

Target Cost

Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC)

Integrated delivery structures

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