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Raffles Cement T2 25-000-tonne Dual Cell Silo

Asia Civil, through a Pan United Corporation construction vehicle wholly managed the development of Raffles Cement’s new 25,000-tonne cement storage facility on a turnkey basis.

The scope of works included management of initial project feasibility, design & engineering, authority approvals, commercial coordination, procurement, construction, commissioning & completion. As a result, outstanding quality and safety results were achieved across the 19-month project.

Asia Civil’s “hands on” approach towards planning, design, procurement and construction was a key element of the project’s success. In addition, the use of slipforming, precast concrete, offshore modular fabrication and mechanized solutions shortened the construction duration time considerably and achieved substantial cost savings for the development of the project.

Key Features:

• Capital Expenditure savings of 26% achieved over traditional contracting model.

• Placement of 10,000 cubic metres of reinforced concrete.

• Construction of 105m of RC silo walls in 30 days using slipform technique.

• Supervision of design, Installation & Commissioning of cement handling equipment, instrumentation & controls.

• Construction of Electrical Substation, LV consumer room & MCC room.

• Construction of Control Building, Office and external works.

• Utility extensions (Telecom, Water, Sewer, Electrical).

• Supervision of installation of Fire & Safety systems

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