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Johor Bahru Elevated Toll Road Investment

Asia Civil were engaged by a private investment group in South East Asia to conduct due diligence for investment into a major Toll Road in southern Malaysia.

The project involved constructing a 24km long elevated highway (17km 'elevated 2 lanes' + 7 km on grade 3 lanes) in in order to facilitate the existing heavy traffic in that region.

The total project value is estimated at Rm3.27b, including Rm1.0b for local costs / operational costs.

Key Features

• Asia Civil completed full technical assessment of project, including review of assumptions made for completion of final works and traffic forecasts

• Asia Civil prepared project Investment Assessment Summary, including developing suitable exit strategies

• Asia Civil developed value adding initiatives

• Asia Civil undertook preliminary risk & opportunity analysis

• Asia Civil undertook full review of traffic study and financial model

• Asia Civil assisted with client discussions and negotiations

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