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Brazilian Transmission Line Investment

Asia Civil were engaged by a private investment group in South East Asia to conduct due diligence for two transmission line investments in Brazil.

The first investment was to develop, operate and maintain 6no. segments of 230 KV Transmission Line (total 987km)& 6no.230 KV substations connecting the Rondonia (RO) and Mato Grosso (MT) States, in a brownfield environment. The sole shareholder was a State Owned Company and the opportunity was to take a controlling share of 60% of the asset, with income guaranteed by the Brazilian Government. Concession period was 35 years and approximate investment value was USD 97-million, with a forecast payback period of 8 years.

The second investment was develop, operate and maintain 4no. segments of a 285 km HV Transmission Line connecting the Rio Grande do Norte (RN) and Paraíba (PB) States, in a brownfield environment. Securing the investment was to be via the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL). The Concession Period was 30 years and the approximate investment value was USD 65-million with a forecast payback period forecast of 9 years.

Key Features:

• Identified the investments through Asia Civil’s network

• Asia Civil prepared briefing paper on Brazil Energy Market

• Asia Civil completed a preliminary technical assessment of projects, including review of assumptions made for completion of final works and commissioning

• Asia Civil prepared project Investment Assessment Summary including developing suitable exit strategies

• Asia Civil prepared preliminary risk & opportunity analysis

• Asia Civil undertook full review of financial model

• Asia Civil assisted with client discussions and negotiations

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