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Rousset Community Estate Township Development

Asia Civil was the sponsor of this major township development opportunity in Perth, Australia. The overall development scheme involved the design and construction of a 395-hectare master planned township community estate including 3400 residential lots, three schools, multiple commercial and retail areas, green spaces and recreational areas.

Asia Civil was responsible for completing the overall development technical and commercial feasibility, raising seed funding, and preparing a commercial offer of purchase for the land.

Key Features:

• Extensive internal road network which links directly to main roads at various sections around the property.

• Residential – approximately 3400 house lots suitable for virtually any home style.

• Education – two primary schools and one high school to foster the creation and sustainability of a close-knit local community

• Retail - approximately 12,000m2 of lettable commercial floor space in the center of the property.

• Approximately 8,000m2 of neighbourhood commercial floor space two locations within the property.

• Local employment centers and industrial estates offering fast commute times whilst retaining easy access to Perth CBD.

• Wetlands, parks and recreation for immediate access for local community to cater to Perth’s outdoor lifestyle.

• Shared community facilities for boat and caravan storage, horse riding and biking to fit the West Australian culture.

• New & modern utilities including modern wastewater systems, NBN connection and gas.

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